Odoo 7 -> Odoo 12 CE – migration module pricelist_by_category_qty


As part of a project for a client, I'm looking for an Odoo developer to migrate a v7 module under Odoo 12 Community Edition : https://github.com/julius-network-solutions/julius-openobject-addons/tree/master/pricelist_by_category_qty

This module add a button inside the sale order and will compute the discount not by line but by quantities of the same product category, in the same sale order. e.g.: You've defined 10% discount for Category A for 100 PCE min in the List price. You try to sell 50 Pieces of Product A and 50 Pieces of Product B (defined on Category A). The OnChange in the line will compute the price of the product as usual. Then you click on the new button. The unit price will be updated as you've sold 50+50 = 100 pieces of the same category! => you will have 10% discount on both lines !

This module must retain the GNU GPL v3 license.
The developer will have to give me permission to make this module available in the OCA repository: https://github.com/OCA

You can answer me by email to contact@agipme.fr by specifying your price and the delay.

Thank you in advance.