ODOO 9 CE – Error: QWeb2 – template … No enumerator given to foreach

!! Anomalie résolue uniquement après réinstallation Debian + Odoo 9 ??? !!

Exceptionnellement, cet article est rédigé en anglais car ce bug est aussi remonté sur github .

I would like to describe the error I encountered on an Odoo 9.0 instance when connecting to Odoo with a user.
I managed to reproduce it in a very simple scenario.

Here is the error displayed :

Full wording of the error :

Uncaught Error: QWeb2 - template['mail.ChatThread']: Runtime Error: Error: QWeb2 - template['mail.ChatThread.Content']: Runtime Error: Error: QWeb2 - template['mail.ChatThread.Message']: Runtime Error: Error: QWeb2 - template['mail.ChatThread.Message']: No enumerator given to foreach

Here is how I managed to reproduce this error that I encounter in a more complex case.

After creating an Odoo 9 database, I log in as administrator and install only the Discuss module.

I create the user user1

I inform the email address in the contact user1

I am sending an email to user1.

I log in with user1 and the error appears.

When I delete the record created in the mail_message table, the error disappears !!

I managed to reproduce the error with an even simpler scenario :

  • create new database
  • install only Discuss addon
  • create user user1
  • go to Contact tab
  • click on user1 => the errors appears

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